1. Nefes Bath & Spa
When the time comes for opulent relaxation, it’s time to call in the pros. Nefes Spa & Bath, a brand-new location that offers a variety of services and may possibly be the reason you fall in love with MyMall, is the best place to go for anti-stress treatments like relaxing treatments. It is the ideal place to treat your senses while indulging your body, mind, and soul. VRISI AREA MY MALL +30 22890 22967
2. Zen Spa Mykonos
The Zen Spa in Mykonos is more than a typical spa. Give yourself over to the professionals so they can best meet your needs in terms of appearance. Two cabins, two nail stations, bathrooms, a waiting area, and a reception area are all part of the space’s simple Zen style. The Zen Spa is the ideal destination for pampering because it offers body treatments, massages, manicures, pedicures, and makeup services. +30 22890 28938 VOUGLI
3. Zs Golden Spa
ZS Golden Spa offers specialist services and customized treatments for a comprehensive renewal of the body and soul. You can get facial cleaning, hydration, and skin brightness treatments there, as well as vascular boosting treatments, muscle ache relief, lipolytic programs, and lymphatic drainage programs, which can help you feel better. ANO MERA +1 202 289 235
4. Ma Deva Nidhi
She was given the name Nidhi in India, but her real name is Jo Church. She was born in England and now resides in Mykonos where she practices alternative medicine. Nidhi will introduce you to reiki, aromatherapy, massage, acupuncture, yoga, and pilates, as well as other healing practices from many cultures. +30 22890 23426
5. GT Hair Fashion The ultimate beauty place
Feel the ultimate in pampering as you unwind in the hands of the professionals. High-end beauty services are provided by the salon staff to both men and women. Trust their abilities, knowledge, experience, and creativity, and allow them to introduce you to anything related to professional makeup, hair, barbering, manicures, and pedicures. ORNOS,+30 22890 26653