A unique botanical garden of 11.300 sq. ft. located in the centre of Chora of Mykonos. Open to the public, drowned by palm trees, towering pines and unique species of cactus. Sheltered from the wind and always cool, is an unexpected picture of Mykonos. Within these majestic gardens we operate the open air cinema Cine Manto & the coolest lounge cafe-restaurant of the island Cine Manto Restaurant. Definitely one of your destinations. The open air cinema Cine Manto offers a relaxed and dreamful vista under the bright stars of the Aegean sky. You can enjoy the best movies, first worldwide released films for adults and children, starting on June 1st up until September 30th. The films are all in original version with Greek subtitles. Apart from the open air cinema, in the Gardens you will find the coolest cafe-restaurant on the island, Cine Manto Restaurant that is open all day long, offering the pleasure of greenery, Greek breakfast, barbecue, drinks, brunch and assortments to all who want to relax or organize a social event or even for business and informal meetings.
(info: +30 22890 26165)