In the heart of the famous super paradise beach, only 7 kilometers from Mykonos town, on the south coast of the island, lays the super paradise beach club Mykonos. Frequent bus services are available every half hour and can transfer you to chora Mykonos.
Thousands of tourists from all over the world come every year to visit super paradise beach, as it is one of the most amazing sandy beaches of Mykonos. It is considered to be the most alternative beach on the island, where nudity or the different are very well tolerated and nudists can find special spots exclusively for them.
The musical tone to the whole bay is set by super paradise club Mykonos. Every day, after 5pm the party begins and the volume goes higher. The club is well-known not only for its great music and drinks, but also for its gorgeous, sexy dancers with the tiny outfit who dance non-stop on the tables.
The mornings in super paradise beach club Mykonos are relaxing and calm. You will see VIPs, international jet-setters and models enjoying their cocktail or coffee next to the many clubbers, on the
In the morning, people, VIP, models and clubbers enjoy the sun and the sea all together, drinking their coffee or cocktail on the beach’s cozy sun loungers. Super paradise club Mykonos also offers light snacks, but if you want a full lunch you can visit the nearby restaurant.
Later through the day, the DJs start playing stronger beats and the sexy dancers start dancing to the beat, followed by the crowd. It is party time and it will last until early in the morning. Any outfit will do – your swimsuit or nothing at all. Super paradise Mykonos is a favorite destination also for gays.