• Villa Callypso

    MYKONOS, Ftelia

    Villa Callypso is a freshly inaugurated modern and luxurious house for sale in Mykonos, laying gracefully at the hilltop over Ftelia and overlooking its beautiful sandy beach that is well-known among windsurfing lovers. This luxury villa is built in 2017; features 8 bedrooms and all its 520 sqm guarantee your comfort and enjoyment. Villa Callypso offers absolutely every possible comfort and luxury amenity to its guests, ensuring that during their stay they feel pampered and entertained.

    Apart from the secluding key-location, it has a spacious and fully enlightened sitting and dining area and a fully-equipped kitchen, ready to host all your special moments during summertime. Out of all comforts and amenities, the rare shape design swimming pool prevails, catering to its new tenants’ body and spirit and creating a high level of recreation and revitalization experience for them. Villa Callypso has features 8 comfortable and stylish bedrooms of which the majority has direct access to a balcony or terrace with a breathtaking sea view.

    This magnificent house for sale in Mykonos has maintained the Authentic Cycladic Design and Architecture and it has a fresh and airy atmosphere, yet attention to detail was paid. The decoration follows the same minimalistic philosophy and style with the furniture being carefully selected and the pieces of Local Art being hand-picked.

    The exterior spaces are comprised of outdoor chilling and dining areas that are covered by a pergola and are equipped with a big dining table to make your Greek BBQs unique. The large swimming pool is located a few steps lower and it truly makes the most of the existing charming view.

    Villa Callypso, an amazing house for sale in Mykonos is the ideal summer place to relax and unwind, for guests looking to live the ultimate Mykonian hospitality in a luxurious private property with one of the most mesmerizing views that you have ever witnessed while its high rental performance will make sure, as its new resident you will be earning a steady income, knowing that Villa Callypso is a rare investment opportunity, at this amazing area of Ftelia bay.

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